The Adventures of a Vintage Shop Girl!

The Adventures of a Vintage Shop Girl!

As the owner, operator, buyer, photographer, copywriter, editor, packaging supervisor, accountant, and all around shop girl for Invitingly Vintage, things certainly can get a bit overwhelming at times… and that’s when it’s time for me to breathe,  just take a breath, and remember that…

…it is with a grateful heart that this shop girl’s adventures have led her to discover some really cool pieces from eras gone by.  From auctions to tag sales,  my faithful sidekick and I have come upon many amazing and beautiful things.  There is nothing like coming across a hard-to-find vintage piece  in very good to excellent condition which has been lovingly made and wonderfully preserved in grandma’s curio cabinet.  I like taking a little trip back in time to the “Golden Age” when these pieces were  the mark of elegance, style, and grace of a fine dining and entertaining.  These really are truly  timeless treasures that are often undervalued in our modern, mass-produced society.

Although I just love, love, love to find beautiful things, these adventures have reminded me that life is so much more than acquiring stuff.   What started at as just looking for objects to put in my store has grown into something much more. Along the way, I have met a lot of interesting (and knowledgeable)  people who have taught me about a lot about history.  I have learned so much from these people who have also openly shared their expertise, and I am so very grateful for that.  Their guidance have awakened in me an appreciation for the passion and artistry of people from a bygone era who worked hard, played harder and believed in the impossible.  It is their stories that I love learning about!

And although I certainly would never have  imaged spending my free time seeking out, cleaning, and re-vamping cool vintage pieces, I have learned that sometimes life takes you down paths that you never thought you would travel, and sometimes it’s best to just sit back and enjoy the adventure!

Oh…and if have any questions about something at Invitingly Vintage, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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