The First Bridezilla

The First Bridezilla

This week in entertainment history, the sci-fi horror film The Bride of Frankenstein was released on April 20, 1935.  It is one of those classic films that everyone should see at least once!  The film stars Boris Karloff (as the monster), Colin Clive (as Henry Frankenstein), Valerie Hobon (as Elizabeth), Ernest Thesiger (as Doctor Pretorius), and Elsa Lanchester ( as the bride (?)).  It was directed by James Whale and is the sequel to the very successful film Frankenstein which was released in 1931.  Elsa Lanchester went through a grueling ordeal to prepare for her role as the Bride.  It took makeup artists three hours to just  construct her face,  and she was taped on the top a pair of stilts so tightly that she had to be carried around the studio because she was unable to move.  This was done in order to make her appear seven feet tall.  Lanchester endured all this for a total of  just three short minutes of screen time for which the Bride appears in the film. And after all this, Elsa Lanchester  is not credited for her role. The screen credit  for the Bride is listed as (?).


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